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Next Ride - 2nd February  : Meeting point pavillion at normal time of 8:30am. Pete Lees Ride (maybe to Blyton).

26th January:  13 riders met at the pavillion for Steve's ride to Bolsover via Marsh Lane and futher hills in the Peaks. As we were just about to set off Keith noticed that his rear tyre was badly damaged and would not survive the ride,  so Keith and Dave rode back to Keith's house do a quick F1 tyre change. The rest of the club waited at the Harworth X- roads until they returned, not long expert quick replacement. We then rode to Oldcoates and met Dave Evans, the ride then took us via Thorpe Salvin / Spinkhill and then via Eckington to Marsh Lane climb.  As we came to the juction after the Marsh Lane climb we re-grouped and looked at the weather on line. We made a joint decision that we would cut the route short and take the left towards Bolsover. It was the right decision since it soon started to rain, when we came into the Bolsover village most riders took a right and climbed Castle hill. As usual the cafe stop at Weatherspoons was great and at a low price. Since it was still raining Steve suggested that we take the shorter route back home. We stopped at the junction after Firbeck and Steve gave the rider of the week to Pete (well done Pete - your the Team Leader next week.) 



19th January: Eleven riders met at the pavillion for Bob's ride to Donnington. The weather had not been kind to Bob's route and due to icy conditions we had to stick to the main roads and not his initial route. So the route was direct to Retford and then via Markham Moor to Dunham bridge, we then rode the main road to Saxilby and then at the lights we took a left towards Donnington. We sat inside at the cafe due to freezing conditions, the cafe was very good and not too expensive. We had a swift look round the Giant shop before heading home via Saxilby and Sturton on Stow. John hit a pot hole during the ride and as we approached the outskirts of Gainsborough his inner tube made a loud bang. We all stopped for the repair but it was not good news his tyre was split in 3 places. Andy used the older inner tube to support the tyre and this fix enabled John to ride into Gainsborough and call at Halfords for a new tyre. The rest of the club rode back via the main roads to Harworth. Rider of the week was given to Dave Evans (well done Dave). Hopefully we have better weather for next Sundays ride - Steve Parker team leader.



 12th January: Fourteen riders were in attendance for the Sunday ride to be led by John Owens. John chose a route to Gainsborough but via Dunham bridge. We set off but before we even got to "Wrights Hill" we were stopping to put on our rain jackets. This split the team up - but we rejoined before reaching Scrooby. We then rode via Ranskill to Mattersey and then up Strawberry hill and then via Treswell to Rampton. We then rode over the Dunham bridge and then taking a left towards Torksey Lock, we then took a right on to Cowdale Lane. At this point a few riders stated they wanted a toilet stop so the remainder continued towards Sturton On Stow, this was a mistake and John took the blame since while the riders were stopped Dave Evans got a puncture which delayed them catching up to the rest of the club. John rang several times with no answer, Andy returned the phone call and stated what had happened so we -re-grouped at Stow and continued onto Gainsborough together. We stopped at the Reeds cafe which overlooks the river Trent, the cafe was excellent and we all gave it 10 out 10. We then rode via Beckingham to West Stockwith then we took a left towards Haxey, we split before the turn to Misson with Jason , Lee & Paul continueing home via Blaxton. The remaining riders rode to Harworth via Misson / Bawtry. Overall it was a good ride with John achieving a high score for the cafe and a must do better on team leading the riders.



5th January: We had sixteen riders for the first ride of 2020 with the new setup of rotating ride "teamleader", Alan Bullock took the reins for the first ride and choose a ride to Hockerton (ice cream). Alan chose the normal route to Hockerton and although the ride was tough with the wind and with some riders with "man flu" we all arrived ok. We set off back via Sutton on Trent and Grassthorpe and then via South Leverton (Pete had a puncture in this village - Emma repaired the tyre with assistance from Andy). We then rode up Strawberry Hill back home. The ride went very well with all supprorting Alan especially our X Captain Andy.