The story of my cycling journey - by Emma Ryan -  26th August 2019.


18 month ago I bought my first adult drop bar road bike.  Probably 30 years after riding a proper road bike. I would say I was a fitness enthusiast and ran quite a bit, but definitely not a cyclist.

I started going out once a week with my dad who is a long standing member of the Harworth & District Cycling Club and very keen cyclist. I rode when I could around all the other activities I did.  I was ok, but very steady and my bike handling skills were not up to much. My cornering was rubbish and I was very coresus down hills.  Mileage ranged around 30 to 40 miles per ride.

Then around a year ago, Dad and a few other members decided to start a second group of riders to go out on a Sunday morning from the Harworth Pavilion setting off at the same time as the original Harworth riders, but going at a steadier pace and doing not so many miles.

I thought it was a brilliant idea and was very excited to give it a go and ride with other riders apart from just dad.

I loved that first ride out, the other members were very encouraging and supportive, I had a great mornings ride and joined the club that night.

From there I was out most Sunday mornings with the second group, all through the winter and the start of 2019.

Slowly getting better each week.

Unfortunately I had a ski accident in March which put me in a leg brace for 3 months. Although  towards the end of that period I did go out with the second group with the brace on. Again the club was fab and very supportive and was constantly looking out for me on the rides.

Its great going out in a group, everyone is watching out for each and the banter is great fun.

Then one Sunday it was decided that I  should go out with the original first group of riders the ones I call the fast lads.....just loved it, it pushed me out of my little comfort bubble, but it also made me realise I could actually do it!!!

I’ve since only rode with the original A group, and now I’ve completed my first 100 mile ride, the Tommy Simpson mass Ride and constantly clocking an average speed of 17 mph plus on most of the rides.

Riding with the B group at the beginning was priceless; it set me up just perfect for where I am now. It gave me the chance to get used to riding in a group, (which can be scary at the start) to lots of different riding conditions depending on the weather, and it got me bike fit too.

I now feel very comfortable riding with the fast lads, no ride feels scary or unachievable, they are all adventures.

I love my Sunday rides, love the chit chat, the banter and the cafe stops. I feel very well looked after and appreciate their help and guidance, they are now a great bunch of friends, whom I am looking forward to achieving lots of exciting things in 2020 with.