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30th December:  For the final ride of 2018 Pete had arranged a route via Epworth and returning back to the pavillion for a bite to eat and a pint. Eighteen riders attended for the Xmas ride , we decided to set off as one group and then split at Owston ferry. We set off towards Ranskill and took a loop round Mattersey Thorpe, this was a casual xmas ride and we all rode at a steady pace. As we approached Walkeringham Pete thought it would be nice to wish Colin Simpson a happy new year in his new house so we all called round and knocked on the door. We then rode along the Trent to Owston Ferry and Pete's team split to  Epworth cafe while Andy's riders put the accelerator down and headed for Belton and the Happy cafe at Sandtoft. Unfortunately Pete had not checked the cafe was open at Epworth and therefore they also rode to Sandtoft cafe. We all then rode back together to the pavillion for the meal and a swift pint before riding home. Emma was given rider of the week since she was very strong on the hill climbs. Next ride 5th January 2019...


23rd December: With the rain pouring down and the forecast for no improvement only the tough riders ventured out. Pete even said it was worse than the Himalyas. Andy Rodgers, Alan Bullock and Dave Evans met at the pavillion and decided to ride out to Clumber and call at the old school cafe at Carburton. Andy had a mechanical with broken spoke and Dave's tyre became unseated from the rim - plus they got slightly wet. Well done for venturing out on a very wet Sunday.

16th December: It was a chilly Sunday as we met at the pavillion for the club rides, the main group (7 riders) decided on Elsecar and Pete decided to take the other group (6 riders) to his favorite Blyton. Andy led the main group out towards Tickhill as we went through the village lanes we were shocked to find black ice on the roads, we did a short risk assessment of the situation and decided to take main roads to Worksop. We road up Sparken hill and decided to ride through Clumber park to Edwinstow, we had second thoughts when we were sliding again on ice in Clumber. We then turned towards Retford and had a cafe stop in Weatherspoons, as usual this was excellent value. Obviously we could not go striaght back home since we had only completed 30 miles, so we decided to ride out through Mattersey and over Gringley to West Woodside and back to Bawtry via Mission. It turned out to be an OK ride after all the detours. Rider of the week was given to Andy Baker.

9th December: Sixteen riders were at the pavillion - 7 for Pete's ride to Edwinstow and 9 for the main group ride going through Marsh Lane and the cafe stop at Bolsover. Both groups rode together towards Oldcoates and then split to go our two destinations. The main group rode through Firbeck and then on towards the climbs at Marsh Lane. We all climbed well so we had a vote and decided to proceed to Bolsover and complete "Castle Hill", as we got to the bottom of the hill Bob carried on since he did not feel he could complete the climb (he didd not feel 100%). The remaining riders all climbed the hill and were soon in the Weatherspoons tucking into the breakfast. Andy Pedley was concerned about his mate Bob so he rode out to find him. As soon as Andy had gone Bob came through the door. So Andy Pedley did a route round and climbed Castle Hill again while Bob was sat with us. We then met up with Andy (Worksop club rider) and we all rode back together dropping off the Dave and Andy Baker at Laughton. All rode well but rider of the week was Andy Pedley for his heroic search for Bob.


2nd December: An excellent turn out for December, 23 riders turned up for the scheduled rides to Sandtoft via the outskirts of Doncaster for group 1 and Tyemar ride organised by Pete. We had a short chat and then gathered for the club photo's below in front of the Tom Simpson monument. Pete and a further eight riders set off for their ride to Tyemar picking up Brian on route and the main group followed Lee on his scheduled ride. We rode via Tickhill to Spotborough then continued up the hill towards Bentley and progressed through to Stainforth. This was an excellent route taking in some lanes that we had not rode before, we eventually arrived at Sandtoft and the "Happy Cafe". The cafe was excellent and well worth another visit. We  then rode the normal route back to Misterton were Martin split towards Gainsborough, he had rode very well since he was in the slower group last week. This was an excellent ride and credit to Lee for planning and organising.


25th November: As per the AGM meeting we had two rides for this Sunday. This was so new riders and existing riders who had not been out for a while could join in. Eighteen riders were in attendance and the split was 9 riders in each group, Pete took the first group out to Misterton and Andy led the usual riders out to Edwinstow adding extra roads that we had not ridden on for several months. We headed out via Ranskill, Lound, Upton and then towards East Drayton, at East drayton Keith got a puncture so we all waited while the repair was fixed. We then took a right and took the route passing Rufford Park. We then stopped at the Craft Centre cafe which was Ok (slightly slower service than usual). We then rode on to Budby and then through Clumber Park to Worksop, Keith was starting to slow down now so we all kept at his pace ansd rode through Carlton and then via Oldcotes back home. A excellent ride at a steady pace.


18th November: Although very foggy for the start of the ride, ten riders were ready for the Sunday ride were we decided to go out to Lincoln and go to the Weatherspoons for breakfast. We set off via Ranskill and turned towards Mattersey, John stopped to remove his glasses since the fog was just causing them to steam up. At Clayworth we turned left after the church towards Gringley / Beckingham and then via the lane at the side of the Trent to Gainsborough. We then went via Sturton by Stow to Saxilby and then taking the lane by the canel into Lincoln. On the narrow track the wooden bridges were very slippery so we walked across them rather than risk a fall, unfortunately Pete decided that he could ride across the icy cattle grid and ended up on the floor. We arrived at Lincoln Weatherspoons and the sun was now out and warm enough to sit outside, we enjoyed an excellent breakfast with several mugs of coffee. We decided to ride back via the track all the way back to North Clifton, then riding via East Drayton / Upton / Eaton to Ranby. Riding down green mile to Barnby Moor, we stopped for a chat before going our seperate ways home. Andy announced that the riders of the week were Andy Baker and Alan Bullock. We covered 76 miles in slightly under 17mph. Excellent ride .

11th November: Excellent attendance for centenary of armistice ride to Blyton, eighteen riders were out for the ride. As we approached Ranskill the forcasted rain started so we stopped and put on our waterproofs. We all rode together and were soon riding through Gainsborough and then taking the left towards Upton. We made it to the Blyton cafe in plenty of time to have a breakfast break prior to attending the cenotaph for 11am. We left the cafe and rode round to the cenotaph and stood for the 2 minutes silence before setting off on the route home. Steve Brown who had not been out for a few weeks decided to have a steady ride back by himself, so the rest of the club continued. Allthough it was wet the ride went well with no mechanical issues. Rider of the week was given to Pat.

4th November: Fourteen riders met for the Sunday ride, after a short discussion we decided to ride to the ice cream parlour at Hockington near Southwell. We set off towards Retford turning off at green mile and riding towards Ranby then via Upton where Alan and Mark decided to take the power station route back home. The rest of the club rode well together against the breeze and we were soon cycling through Moorhouse towards Ossington, after cycling through Caunton we soon reached the cafe. Some riders sat inside to eat while 4 others had to listen to Pete's Himalyas story again. We had another tractor incident on this ride see picture below. From the cafe we then rode via Maplebeck and Laxton on our route back to Tuxford, we then took a left towards Markham Moor where 3 riders took a wrong turn and nearly ended up on A1. We waited for them and re-grouped with the rest of the club before riding through Eaton to Ordstall and then to Barnby Moor. At Ranskill Bob and John split off to ride home, as they splt at Eel Pool Road Bob took a tumble on the turn. Bob landed fairly hard but luckily he only had the usual cuts and bruises, John road with him to Drakeholes to ensure he was Ok. Rider of the week was given to Jonathan, Phil and Gareth..

28th October: Ten riders were in attendance for the Sunday club ride. Andy stated a couple of options and we selected the ride to Goole in reverse. We set off down Wrights hill and via Bawtry to Misson, the plan was turn onto "Idle Bank" but the road was closed so we carried on towards Westwoodside and then taking a left towards Epworth and then towards Crowle. The route to Goole then was mostly against the wind, we all rode together and we were soon approaching the cafe at Goole (Weatherspoons). After an excellent break sitting in the rear beer garden, we set off back with the help of Pete's directions we rode through Rawcliffe and Moorends to Thorne. At Hatfield we took a left towards Blaxton, at this point the acceleration started and at some stages over 26mph were achieved with the breeze behind us. Some riders were stronger than others so we had to re-group at Bawtry. An excellent ride of approx 70 miles with an average of over 18mph. Many riders rode well and therefore riders of the week were Steve, Lee, Andy.

21st October:  Ten riders met at the pavillion and John selected Whisby as the Sunday ride destination. Andy highlighted that he would be only doing a part ride since he had to return home to attend a wedding. We set off down Wrights hill and turned towards Ranskill / Mattersey, we rode up strawberry hill and then turned via the quiet lane towards Cottam power station. We all rode well together with Andy baker and Chris doing most of the work at the front. We were riding at a fast pace and were soon crossing Dunham bridge and taking the right towards Wigsley. We arrived at the cafe and decided to eat inside. We set off back via the normal route Dunham bridge, Upton, Ranby, we stopped at Barnby Moor to confirm that Chris was rider of the week. We completed 73 miles at just over 18mph.


14th October: Six riders turned out on this rainy Sunday. Due to the forecast of heavy rain we decided to stay close to home so that we could take a decision to return if it turned really heavy. We set off out down Wrights hill and towards Ranskill taking a left towards Mattersey and up Strawberry hill, we then did a few loops before turning towards Retford and stopping at Weatherspoons for a coffee. Pete did the honours and bought us all a coffee. We then returned via the main road back through Scrooby and back up Wrights hill. A short ride of approx 40 miles, although wet it was very refreshing and good to get out.


7th October: Nine riders met at the pavillion and the "super sat nav Captain" described a new route for the club to challenge. After Andy had described the route we asked if it was right or left out of the gates? We set off towards Worksop and up Sparken hill towards Clumber park, we rode through clumber park and out via Carburton taking a left through Budby to Edwinstow. We then took a route to Mansfield Woodhouse and then via Pleasley Vale to Rowthorne. Some of the route was unknown to most of the riders but Andy knew where he was going. We then turned towards Palterton and then to our surprise we saw known roads as we approached Bolsover. Since the route had been quite rolling the climb up Castle hill did not seem as steep as usual. We stopped at the usual Weatherspoons for breakfast and then we returned via a new route through Oxcroft turning towards Clowne and Barlborough before riding through High Moor back to Harthill. We then dropped off Mick and Phil in South Anston before riding back home via Firbeck village. Rider of the week was given to Chris (well done) . This was an excellent rolling ride enjoyed by all .


30th Sept: Twelve riders met at the pavillion and a decision was made to ride out to Askern. We set off out via Tickhill to Wadworth and then to Sprotborough, we were all riding well together at a resonable pace. We split slightly at the busy junction at Wormersley, but the first pack waited at the junction as we passed over the A1. At this point Chris suggested going to the cafe at the garden centre, we agreed and he took the lead to the cafe. We were soon arriving at the cafe and walked through the garden centre to the cafe at the rear. As we set off Chris indicated that we would have to ride single file along the A19 back to Askern, this road was very busy and this is the only concern when calling at the garden centre cafe. We then continued on the normal route back home via Barnby Dun and Armthorpe back to Auckley. At the roundabout at Blaxton we decided to accelerate back to Bawtry and did some excellent speeds. We re-grouped again outside Sainsburys and the rider of the week was given to Alistair.


23rd Sept: Ten riders met at the pavillion and we decided to have a ride out to Messingham. The route we took was via Bawtry to Finningley and cutting through Wroot to Keedby bridge. We all rode well together and set a good pace with the wind behind us most of the route. At Messingham cafe we had a lovely "cyclist breakfast" for a small cost of £4 including drink. As we set of from the cafe Pete had a puncture which was repaired by his mechanic Martyn. We progressed back against the wind but still averaged 18mph overall. Rider of the week was Bob Clapperton.



16th Sept:

Windy, wet forecast so we opted for a circular Power Station ride – never too far from home.

We headed out to Ranskill, Clayworth, North wheatly and through to Sturton  Le Steeple where we turned left and took the back rounds towards Cottam Power Station, initially we had a good strong wind behind us but as we turned towards Cottam we got a feel for what was to come.

We headed through Rampton village and turned left taking in the Trent Bank loop to Leverton, from here it was a struggle against the strong head wind all the way back through Upton, Eaton and then into Retford for a very welcomed break at Wetherspoons.

After an energy boosting breakfast wrap and a couple of coffees we were off again, heading out of Retford and turning right towards Sutton and then on to Mattersey, from here back up towards Ranskill and then back to Harworth via Serlby Park, Martyn had already turned off for home at Mattersey so the four remaining riders pushed on to Oldcotes.

A good ride, rapid in places, 56 miles with average speed of 19mph, all rider worked well together and helped to share the pain of the strong head winds.



14th Sept: The club event to the "Dales" started with seven riders meeting up at the bike centre at Fremington at 12:30pm and after a quick change into cycling gear we were off on our first ride. We set off through Reeth and towards Langthwaite then turning a sharp right on to our first major climb "The Stang" . We all had to ride up at our own pace and when at the top we waited for the other riders, after 5 minutes their was no sign of Greg so John decided to ride back down to see how he was progressing. It was not good news the "Stang" was a bit too much for Greg this year and he decided to return home. The remaining six riders continued over Stang top to Barnard Castle were we enjoyed a coffee and cake at local cafe. We then rode via Barningham to Moor Lane to go back over the steep climbs, we then took a left into Richmond with more climbing eventually we had a further coffee in Weatherspoons before riding back to Fremington.

15th Sept: With Greg returned home we thought we were going to start Saturdays ride with six riders, but Colin decided that he could not complete the planned route and also decided to go back home. Therefore five riders got on their bikes for the 80 mile planned ride. This was a cruel ride and within one mile we were climbing the first hill out of Grinton to Swar Beck, after climbing the Whipperdale Bank climb we had a short flat into Leyburn. We then rode via Middleham to Horsehouse then at Kettlewell we took a longer route to stop at the cafe at Grassington. At the cafe stop we watched a world war 2 procession and fancy dress parade from 1940 (Pete remembered most of the tunes played). After the cafe stop we rode back via Kettlewell to Buckden, we were soon approaching Kidstones another famous climb. We all rode up the Kidstones with ease and continued via Askgarth Falls to our next cafe stop at Askrigg, we all tried to force some energy cake in at this point since the next climb was the dreaded Buttertubs. We all completed the Butertubs and re-grouped at the bottom of the decent. At this point we could either do a rolling route back to Fremington or go left and climb upto to Tan hill, Andy decided to have joke with Pete and said that we were going to Tan Hill - Pete said if you do I am going home..

16th Sept: On Sunday we had our usual ride it Richmond for a coffee and congratulated each other on a good performance and excellent weekend ride.

9th Sept: Ten riders met at the pavillion for Martyn's ride to Brigg. We set off towards Ranskill and then Clayworth were we picked up 3 further riders (Lewis,Mick & Bob), we then rode towards Walkeringham and then via the track to Gainsborough. The pace was fairly fast with the wind behind us and we were soon riding through Scotton and then Hibaldstow, we were soon approaching Brigg and the cafe stop at Weatherspoons were we sat outside and enjoyed breakfast baps and coffees. Martyn was in full control of the ride ensuring all riders were ok and indicating the correct route to ride, after leaving Brigg we rode out via Broughton and Appleby to Scunthorpe. At Scunthorpe we turned towards Gunness, the hedge here had been recently cut and unfortunately Steve Parker had a puncture. We then progressed over Keadby bridge towards Beltoft, Steve's tyre went down again as we approached Epworth. We dropped off Lewis and Mick in Epworth and then rode out via Wroot to Finingley, as we entered Austerfield Steve's tyre went down for a third time. By this time Steve was getting rather quick and totally pigged off with his rear wheel. Congratulations to Martyn for organising a excellent ride for the club which was approx 86 miles with the club averaging approx 18 mph (route shown below).

2nd Sept: Twelve riders met at Mick's garage to ride to the Peak District for some major hill climbing (Steve Parker's route). We set off out via Harthill and Spinkhill turning right at the top of the hill towards Eckington and up the climb at Marsh lane. We then progressed to Coal Aston and Holmesfield, at this point Martyn stated that he had problems with is rear mech. He tried to address the fault but as we approached Owler Bar he decided that it would not be good enough to climb the hills in the Peak district and decided to turn back. Martyn stated that he would text us when he had made it back to Mick's, the remaining eleven riders proceeded to Haversage Booths were we took a right to take in some hills and some excellent scenary. We eventually rode down into Bamford and our cafe stop at the swimming pool cafe. Excellent stop and well deserved break, we also received a text from Martyn that he was ok and back at the car. After the cafe stop we rode up a very steep climb to Grindleford where John had issues with his rear mech and could select the required hill rears and had to walk the final bit of the climb. We then rode via Calver, Curbar Edge, Wigley, Hasland back to Bolsover, we rode up the main road (avoiding castle hill) into Bolsover stopping for drinks at the coop. The final stretch was via Elmton to South Anston - excellent ride of 67 miles with 6000ft of climbing. Well done everyone who attended..


26th August: Again thirteen riders met at the pavillion for thr Sunday ride planned  for Blyton (icecream parlour cafe), it was nice to see Robin attending the ride after a few years of not attending. We set off towards Ranskill knowing that at some point we were going to get wet since the weather forecast stated rain all day. We all stayed together and we were soon approaching Walkeringham and turning down the lane that runs parrallel with the Trent, we carried on through Gainsborough towards Upton. With each mile the sky was getting darker and the clouds were ready to burst. We reached Blyton cafe with still no rain and enjoyed a excellent stop, as we sat in the cafe the rain started and it poured it down. We put on our waterproofs and decided to set off for home, as we approached Gringley Mick got a puncture so we waited while the repair was completed. We were now very wet so we decided to return back via the main road A631 to Bawtry to shorten the journey. Although wet it was a refreshing flat ride (approx 60miles - average >18mph). Next week will be a ride to the peak district (2nd Sept) and the following week Martyn is planning a ride for us in Lincolnshire.

19th August:  Thirteen riders met at the earlier time of 8am for the annual Humber Bridge. We set off towards Rossington and then via Armthorpe to meet Lee to make 14 riders in total. The usual route was not available since the bridge over the canal was closed so Andy & Steve devised a route to cross the canal via Sykehouse. We were then back on our normal route to Humber bridge and progressing at a fast pace towards the hill at South Cave, the climb slowed us down slightly. Instead of riding on the busy roads to the bridge Steve had programmed a route in his garmin to get there via quieter roads, this was excellent and we must use this in future (see below the usual picture on the bridge). We arrived at the bird sanctury cafe in record time averaging over 19mph. After we had all refuelled we set off on our way knowing that we had a climb after 2 miles of riding, we then proceeded to "bridge lane" were we took the cycle track through to Winterton (another excellent addition). We then took the route passed Flixborough and over the bridge near Gunness and onto Epworth. We had a short stop in Epworth to replenish drinks then  rode via Misson back to Bawtry. It was excellent ride of over 106 miles at a fairly fast pace. No one was given rider of the week since all rode well. 


 12th August: Thirteen riders met at the pavillion and we decided to ride out to the cafe at Edwinstow craft centre. We rode out towards Carlton and took the left turning after the co-op and rode out via South Anston to Edwinstow. After a short stop we set off back towards Ollerton / Gamston and then travelling down "Green mile" to Barnby Moor. It was all arranged that we would stop outside the Bluebell at Ranskill, Andy announced the rider of the week - Pete Lees. We then convinced him to enter the pub for a surprise birthday drink and a piece of birthday cake, he managed to blow out the candles while we all sang "Happy Birthday" . Happy 70th birthday Pete..(picture below of the event).

5th August: 9 of us met at the pavilion – the weather felt like a sunny autumn morning, Andy suggested Bolsover for the cafe stop. We headed out to Barnby Moor, up towards Ranby Prison and then over to Clumber. We rode through Clumber Park towards Carburton crossroads, crossed over and headed towards Cuckney past Carburton Lakes. At Cuckney we crossed the main road and headed for Nether Langwith - this was our opening climb for the day heading up towards Bolsover. By now we were only a mile from Witherspoons, our planned cafe stop. Andy had a surprise for us - Castle Lane climb.Once fed and watered we pushed on, headed out past Hollingwood Hub but instead of turning right as normal we headed straight on to New Whittington, from here we had our second big climb of the day - Long Lane, a half mile climb at 7-8% heading up to Apperknowle.From here we circled Apperknowle and headed back towards Eckington. En Route Steve suggested putting in a short loop around Troway, this was out third shocker of the day, a short sharp 9% climb.From then on it was all downhill to Eckington and then a short climb to Spinkhill. Thinking we had cracked it, Andy suggested another small loop around Killermarsh, he’d been told of another steep climb. Again, another road called Long Lane, quite short but 10%.From here we did head home, back through South Anston, Letwell and then Oldcotes.A good days riding, 66 miles with 3900ft of climbing.

29th July: Heavy rain throughout the day meant that only two riders ventured out for the Sunday ride (Pete & Sean) , they completed a short route to Retford with no cafe stop. Pete elected himself as rider of the week and Sean was runner up.

22nd July: The excellent summer continues - 12 riders were at the pavillion for the agreed ride to Newmillerdam. We set off via Tickhill were we saw Warren doing a early morning ride prior to him working at the church (organ playing). He joined us for a few miles to Wadworth and then he turned back for home. The rest of the riders continued via Spotborough to Hooton Pagnell. Newmillerdam is one of the most rolling routes that we do - but we all kept together and rode well. As we approached Brierley, Pete and I took a wrong route and Andy had to reroute us back to the peleton so we could continue towards Newmillerdam. We sat outside the cafe and enjoyed the exellent service before climbing back on our bikes for the journey home. The route home was just as hilly and we all kept up and we were soon at Hooton Pagnell again and nearly home. We stopped at Tickhill for a short chat and confirm that the rider of the week was Chris Hunt (he rode at the front for most of the journey) . The route is shown below and for the 77 miles of lumpy terrain we still averaged 17mph.

15th July: Another hot day for cycling again for the13 riders that met at the pavillion. We decided to venture out to Whisby nature reserve near Lincoln. We set off towards Misterton and then up "Strawberry hill" and then via East Drayton and over Dunham bridge. The pace was fairly fast again and we reached the cafe with an average of over 18mph, we had a excellent cafe stop although we sat inside due to all seats taken on the terrace. We then set off back and with the slight breeze behind us we increased our average to over 18.5  (route taken shown below). All riders rode well and it was difficult to pick the rider of the week, we decided on Alan Bulluck and Steve Brown. 


8th July: With the sun out again the Sunday club ride to Cleethorpes was going to be perfect. Sixteen riders set off from the pavillion picking up John in Everton and Jane, Chris and Steve in Gainsbough, plenty of drinks and sun tan lotion were required. We proceeded through Blyton taking the turning towards Caistor. Again in Caistor we clashed with the Caistor 10K run which meant that the cafe could not cope with twenty plus riders so we proceeded to the transport cafe at the top of the hill. The transport cafe was closed but Andy Rodgers managed to get himself a bacon buttie from a cafe in town, he rode in front for a while so we all got the benefit of the bacon smell. We continued towards Swallow were a few of the front riders missed the turn towards Beelsby, the rest carried on towards Beelsby and then Waltham we met up with the other riders again. We all re-grouped again at the Cleethorpes sea front where most had an icecream or a coffee at the seafront cafe (see picture below taken at the sea front ). We then set off back towards the pub for usual sandwich and drink, the service was rather slow so we need to re-think the stop for next year.. We then set off back towards home, we did'nt get very far when Phil caught Andy Bakers back wheel. Phil took a tumble , he was not badly hurt but his bike was damaged and the front wheel prevented him continueing the journey. A decision was made for Phil to catch the train back to Worksop and the rest to continue the ride home. With the slight wind behind us we set acracking pace on the way home taking a slight detour due to the newly surfaced road with loose grit. We made a decision to call at the Blyton icecream parlour but when we got there it was packed solid , so we went to the corner shop and topped up with drinks and ice cream. Overall it was an excellent ride, lovely weather, fast pace, excellent club members and plenty of icecream. Rider of the week was given to Phil 


1st July: Eleven riders met at the pavillion for another warm day. Andy suggested several rides but we finally decided on Askern but in the reverse direction. We set off towards Bawtry and were soon chain ganging past Lindolme prison at a good pace. We travelled through Thorne and were all set to turn towards Sykehouse and then to Askern when Pete suggested a cafe near Goole. We all said OK and let Pete lead the club to the cafe, as we approached Goole we realised that Pete did not have a clue about which route to the cafe. We asked a local pedestrian for the whereabouts of the towns Weatherspoons which was only round the corner. We had a break in the beer garden which was very pleasant, see pictures below. We then set off back home via Crowle and Misson. Overall it was an excellent ride that we may do again when Pete's on holiday. We achieved 68 miles at a excellent pace with an average greater than 19mph. Rider of the week was given to Steve Brown.


24th June: For the club ride the attenadance was obviously lower due to the 200 mile event on the previous day. Everybody congratulated the achievements of all the riders on the previous day (well done all). As previously communicated on "whatsapp" the ride was to the icecream parlour at Southwell, the ride was fairly steady at first and all rode well as a club. The Nottinghamshire sportive was arranged for 24th June so many riders were out taking part. On arrival at the cafe we sat outside in the excellent weather. We then set off towards home, as we approached Tuxford Pete noticed that his front wheel was very buckled. We stopped at Tuxford and found that all the spokes on his front wheel were all loose, luckily we had a spoke key and retighted the spokes. We then rode back at a very fast pace so that we reached home in time for the England game. Only one person for the ride of the week Warren - since he completed the 200 miler the previous day and still attended the Club Sunday ride.


23rd June - Club event for Saturday was the 200 mile ride in one day. Excellent achievement by all 200 mile with a average speed of 17.7mph.


17th June: Twelve riders met at the pavillion and were awaiting for Andy to join us before starting the ride. Andy rang on his mobile and stated he was doing his extra training for the 200 mile event and was in Bawtry repairing a puncture. We therefore set off towards Gibbet Lane and met Andy there. We decided to do the power station route in reverse and call at the Tyemar cafe and sit outside. All riders were used to this route and we set a good pace averaging ove 18mph for the ride. Most riders completed aroun 68 miles and some notched up 100 + again. Rider of the week was given to Mel. Please note that next Saturday is the 200 mile in one day, eight riders from the club will join Lewis Morgan - Good luck to all. Please note we will still have a Sunday club ride, this will be shorter than the Saturday ride..

10th June: For the Sunday ride to the "Doncaster cycle event" only 7 riders were in attendance. Andy had completed some extra training miles (50 miles) before meeting the rest of the riders at the pavillion. We dicided to ride to Doncaster via a old route to Askern, only Andy and Pete had done this ride before. It turned out to be a excellent route via Tickhill, Spotborough and Skellow, riding along excellent quiet roads with spectacular views. We eventual reached Doncaster and sat outside the Weatherspoons, excellent value and service as usual. We watched the cycle events for 30 minutes (juniors) and then set off for the ride back via Wadworth and Tickhill. We decided to add a loop on at the end so that Andy could notch up 130 miles for the day. Well done all on a brilliant ride and one to be repeated with the rest of the club. Rider of the week must be Andy for the miles completed.. Below is the route taken for the day.

3rd June: Steve Parker put on Whatsapp of a special route for todays ride with a bit of climbing to the cafe at Hollingwood beside the canal. As we set off from the pavillion we had already agreed to meet some riders at King William at Oldcoates. At Oldcoates we did a a quick count and we had 18 riders for the ride. We then set off via Bolsover to Chesterfield, this was a hilly ride and we had completed 50 miles before the cafe stop at Hollingwood. Everybody enjoyed the ride although fairly tough (approx 80 miles with 5000 ft of climbing - well done Steve for compiling the ride. Rider of the week was given to Martin Spencer who rode from Gainsborough before joining the Sunday ride with the club.


27th May: As per the Whatsap communication, we decided to take Lewis's advice and visit a new cafe in Alkborough (small village near Flixborough). Twelve riders meet at the pavillion and we set off via Ranskill and then Gringley, the route is very similar to the Messingham ride but after the going over the Trent at Keadby bridge we continued to Flixborough village and then just a few miles further is the small village of Alkborough. The cafe was very nice and catered for seating inside and out (the Tickhill velo cycle club was also there). With the wind against us all the way we looking forward to the return journey and the wind pushing us all the way home. The ride was very good and we completed 75 miles with an average greater than 18mph. Rider of the week was given to Jonathan.

20th May : With Majorca vacation / tour completed it was back to the Sunday riding. Thirteen riders turned up for the ride with the weather on par with Majorca. We decided to ride out to Edwinstow (cafe near "Big Fish" roundabout). We rode out all together we no incidents on route. Arriving at the cafeat a fair pace we sat outside in the sunshine and topped up the tan. We continued our journey turning right at Carburton and then via Clumber Park to Worksop. With Andy Rodgers completing the Peak District 100 mile the previous day we all agreed that he was the rider of the week. Well done Andy!! Route we took today is shown below..



Majorca Ride Report

12th May: The first ride with all eight riders at Majorca was to Saint Elm via Calvia top and then via Port Andrax. On the route back Mick decided that we had not completed enough miles so he added the hill to Galilea and via Puigpunyent and then climbing Calvia top again. Completing 4826 feet of climbing in 57 miles.


13th May: The second ride was to the famous hill at Orient again via Calvia top and then via Bunyola. Orient is a excellent climb and the route bak is via Santa Maria which is an excellent small town with many bikers. The route back again included Calvia top and therefore we completed 4300 feet of climbing in 70 miles.


14th May: The third ride was mainly to show Dave Clarke & Jason the route to complete the famous Sa Calobra climb (all other riders on the trip had completed it several times). With Mick's assistance we rode some quite lanes to just outside Inca and pointed them to the rode they needed to take to complete the famous climb. We rode back via Binnasalem and called in at the bike shop before travelling through Santa Maria and Calvia to reach Magaluf. We climbed 3363 feet in 73 miles.


15th May: The forth day we decided to do a ride to Valldermossa, this is a famous long drag to this picturesque village. As we reached Valldermossa we stopped at the cafe and all had a deserved break, we decided to show Dave and Jason the famous viewing point that looks over several expensive villas on the coast (Michael Douglas villa is very nice). The viewing point is on top of a narrow track that is very steep and therefore we have always walked up, not Dave he rode to the top with no struggle (well done Dave very impressive). We returned via Galilea and completed 4934ft of climbing in 56 miles.


16th May: The fifth day we planned to ride to the velodrome at Sineu, Brian & Dave Ash were dropped off by Mick in the car due to the mileage. The remaining five riders rode and planned to meet the others at the Reeds hotel. This turned out to be the worst ride since we had an accident on route and Dave Clarke was seriously injured. We contacted the ambulance service and they were soon at the scene. Unfortunately Dave had injuries that meant that he had to stay in the hospital for a while. A shit day for all especially Dave (get well soon).

 16th May: The last day - The Coastly Route".  This is an excellent ride with excellent views along the coastline.



6th May:   With a lot of the riders watching the tour of Yorkshire only nine riders turned out for the Sunday club run. With the excellent weather we decided to ride over to the Askern Lake cafe and sit outside and soak up the lovely sunshine. Pete had already packed his new bike up for the Majorca club trip so he was on his old faithful bike. We set off via Tickhill to Wadworth (back lane), we were all riding well together and Lee and Pete were riding strong at the front. We were soon sat outside at the cafe topping up the tan. We set off back at a faster pace again all riding together. We paused at Bawtry to announce the rider of the week Colin (on his new bike), Steve Brown also rode well. Please note annual HDCC club vacation to Majorca next week.

 29th April: It was slightly cooler for the Sunday ride but some riders still came in shorts, obviously Pete who has been to Himalyas. A great turn out for the Sunday ride with 19 riders at the pavillion. After short discussion we decided to ride to Whisby nature reserve. We rode down towards Harworth crossroads and met Andy near the old pit gates entrance, this made 20 riders for the ride. We all set off well together and kept at a nice pace. The faster lads in front took a wrong turn at the village Eagle and carried on with the longer route,so the main bunch arrived at the cafe first. Although we had 20 riders the service was good. Before we set off on the route home we had a photo taken (see below). The pace was Ok on the way back , but we split from the faster riders and never saw them again. The main bunch stayed together and enjoyed the ride. Rider of the week was given to Warren


22nd April: Thirteen riders met at the pavillion and Andy had a surprise ride for us (Steve Parker's hilly route to Bolsover). As we were about to set off Mick rang and asked what route we were taking so that he could join the ride with Phil, luckily the route planned took us via South Anston. We set off at a cracking pace due to some fast riders at the front, we were soon at South Anston meeting Mick and Phil.We then set off towards Harthill then via Spinkhill to Shuttlewood. We were soon seeing signs for Bolsover and even though we had climbed several hills already we could only call at the cafe aftert completing the castle hill climb. The cafe at the top of castle hill was a welcome site after all the climbing we had done, the service was a bit slower than usual with the coffee machine failing several times. We eventually set off on the route back via Upper Langwith, Elmton and back to Harthill. With not as many hills on the return journey the legs were turning at a fast pace and we were soon at Woodsetts and nearly home. We went via Ranby and Ranskill to put a few extra miles on the journey. Well done to Lewis and Mick Moore who rode through from Epworth and were given joint rider of the week for excellent riding on thre day.. I have attached the GPX for this route so that riders who missed the event can try the route for themselves.

 Bolsover gpx



15th April: Tour of Retford - We all made are various routes to the Retford market square for the start of the "tour of Retford" , while we were waiting for the 9am start we gathered together and had a team photo (see below). It was nice to see that we were the club with the greatest  attendance for the ride with 21 riders taking part. As the town hall clock struck 9am they started to let small groups: start the ride, the ride was split into 5stages with checkpoints at the end of each stage. The first stage took us from Retford via Mattersey and Clayworth to Gringley on the Hill, and the second stage via Wheatley and North Leverton to Headon. At checkpoint 2 we were setting a excellent pace and the aveage speed was 18.8mph for club, we grabbed a quick banana and were back in the saddle. Stage 3 took us through Askham and Tuxford and Sutton on Trent, we decided not to stop at this checkpoint and continued via Ossington and Laxton to Kirton, then riding up Knickerbush hill to the 4th checkpoint. Again we did not stop for refreshments and continued via Tuxford, East Drayton, Upton and back to the start in Retford. Most riders would of registered 100miles by the time they reached home and an average of over 18mph. Well done all.


8th April: Sixteen riders met at the pavillion and rode Pete's favorite ride to Blyton. This ride was all about Phil he was the centre of attention with a loose tooth concern at North Wheatley, luckily nobody rode over it. It was a very fast ride and Phil bringing up the rear missed seeing the pack turn and carried on towards Saxilby, after 15 minutes he returned to the ride. After the cafe stop at Blyton the ride continued on the usual route with Phil having a slow puncture, Pete came to the rescue but tried to inflate the inner tube with two empty CO2 cartridges. Pete decided the rider of the week and gave it to his partner in the comedy act - Phil. It was still a fast ride that everyone enjoyed. 

1st April: Circular ride to to be added

25th March:  On the same day as the Cheshire Cat the HDCC Sunday ride was to the peak district. Majority of riders met at Oldcotes crossroads 08:30, Bob had rode over from Gringley and a couple form the pavilion. We headed to Worksop meeting up with Jack, Keith and Graham at the Canon pub, heading out of Worksop we met up with Andy Baker.

Andy Rodgers as always had the route planned in his head (built in sat nav), route took us out of Worksop, Nether Langwith (where we met up with Phil), Pleasley, Tibshelf, Alfreton and on to Matlock for the café stop. The sun was out and Matlock was very busy particularly with motor bikes. After a good café stop (see Matlock picture below) we pushed on heading out through Darley Dale, through Chatsworth Park towards Baslow, from Baslow it was the long 4.3mile climb up to Owler Bar. Thankfully from Owler Bar we had a bit of respite with a long downhill to Dronfield Bottom, from here it was lumpy all the way home climbing back up through Coal Aston, Marsh Lane, down through Eckington, Spinkhill and Harthill. At Harthill part of the group spit off and headed home towards Kiverton and Anston, the rest of us continued down to Shireoaks and into Worksop where we dropped of Keith, Jack and Graham and then headed home through Carlton, Oldcotes, Harworth and Gringley for Bob. Very good ride, great conditions and no incidents (except a couple of dropped chains).



25th March:  For the first HDCC sportive of the year the weather was kind to us and the sun shone and the wind was calm. Seven riders set off on Saturday towards Crewe for the Cheshire Cat sportive, we enrolled for the ride on Saturday to ensure we did not get in the queues on Sunday morning. We stayed at the Premier Inn which was less than a mile from the start, excellent position and great service. We started off at 8:30am (clocks forward one hour) from Queens Park, most of us had done the ride before so we knew what to expect. The first 22 miles were fairly flat and then we took a left towards "Mow Cop" (known as killer mile) then the pain began. The next 23 miles were mainly up hill of gradients of 25% the norm. Well done to Chris , Alan and Colin who all conquered the killer mile. At 45 miles we had completed the main hills of Cheshire Cat and now had a steady ride to complete the sportive. Below is the route taken, elevation and a team photo.


18th March: Weather again took a turn for the worse and icy conditions caused a no ride Sunday.

11th March: Finally the weather is starting to warm up and with the added tech feature of "WhatsApp" we all knew the venue for todays ride (except Pete is pigeons are not on-line). With 18 riders in attendance we set off towards Tickhill heading for Elsecar, riding  together we soon arrived at the heritage centre. The usual cafe could not serve 18 riders so we split up and some went into the kids play area cafe. We let Pete have a little play on the slides and ball pool while we had a coffee and breakfast. We went round to meet the others at the other cafe and had photo took see below while Dave Clark repaired is puncture. We set off all prepared to ride up the hill after the cafe, as we approached the start of the climb Dave had another puncture. We waited while the repair was completed then set off up the climb. We had two further delays on the return journey Andy a puncture and Pete's casette was loose causing his gears to slip. It was a excellent ride in the early spring sunshine, completing approx 55miles, route below.


 4th March: For the first day of spring the weather was only 2 degrees and with snow still on the ground it was not a surprise to see only 3 riders at the pavillion for the Sunday ride. John went and knocked on Pete's door and he joined us for a main road ride, we rode to Retford then turned towards Worksop (via Randby) then via Langold back home. We only completed  just under 30 miles and were back at the pavillion for 10:30am wet and cold. Andy put a extra loop in returning back to Langold via Harworth and Tickhill. Route below of the short but refreshing Sunday ride.


25th February: For the annual Tom Simpson memorial ride many riders from the district attended, making this the most attended ride for the last 10 years. Joanne (Tom's daughter) also flew over for the event, it was excellent that she decided to ride the route with the Harworth club. We therefore all rode together at a steady pace around the circuit taking a slightly shorter route through Epworth. A sample of some picture of the event are shown below..

18th February: It was a fine day although still a bit on the cool side. Eighteen riders met at the pavillion (4 new visitors) for the Sunday club ride, we decided to head out towards Southwell icecream parlour cafe. We rode out towards Retford going through the town centre towards London road and then taking the left up the hill at Upton. All rode well and we kept together and were soon at the viewing point at Maplebeck where we had a short announcement for Mick Wainwright's birthday, well done still going strong. We reached the cafe and the service was very quick and all riders were soon served. We set off back and set a good pace on the return journey. An excellent ride with no punctures or mechanicals, 65 miles with an overall average of 17 mph. Rider of the week birthday boy - Mick Wainwright. Below is the route we took and the gpx.

Southwell gpx

11th February: Ten riders met at the pavillion, the sun was shining and we thought we were in for a lovely day - but the weather was forecast to change later and they were correct. We decided to ride out to Bolsover and do some hill climbiing in preparation for the six riders doing the Cheshire Cat sportive on the 25th March. All was well as we rode out through Firbeck towards South Anston, as we rode out of the village the snow storms hit us (see pictures below). We progressed a liitle further and then stopped at the next junction to discuss the ride, 3 riders decided to turn towards home while the other seven agreed to progress to Bolsover. We stopped at the Witherspoon pub where we met Steve and Graham. After the cafe stop Steve and Graham joined us on the journey back home. All went well except losing Pete when we added a loop on to the route near the end of the ride. Below is the route we took and the gpx. Rider of the week was John Murphy.

Bolsover gpx

4th February: With the temperature dropped again ten riders met at the pavillion and after a short discussion we selected to ride to Messingham. We altered the route slightly by cutting through Epworth, we rode at a good pace with Pete and Andy doing the initial work on the front. All rode well and we arrived at the cafe at 10:15am, the cafe was very quiet and we were soon served with only us in. We had a club photo outside the cafe but the picture was not in focus so not added to website.  We set off on the journey home taking the longer route through the Laughton Forest and then over the Trent at Gainsborough. Fast pace and no mechanicals - Rider of the week was awarded to Pete Lees. GPX and map of route below.




28th January: A warmer day for the last club ride in January although high winds. Eleven riders met at the pavillion and we decided to head out towards Askern and call at the garden centre cafe. We did the ride in reverse to the standard route, we had two delays due to two punctures on route John and Andy Pedley. We arrived at the cafe and service was very good, worth noting for future rides with high attendance. It was hard work cycling against the wind which never really seemed to be behind us, we all rode well although some fading towards the end of the ride. Andy gave the rider of the week to Martin since not be out for a while. Below is the GPX of the askern ride and the route we took.

 Askern gpx


21st January: A very icy day - decision not to ride..

14th January: A warmer day for the club ride with fourteen riders attending. After a short discussion we decided to ride out to Whisby Nature Reserve since the cafe is quick at serving and large seating area. We set off with Pete setting a early pace at the front by the time we got to Mattersey he dropped back to ensure his mate Mick was ok. We all rode well and kept together as a proper club and arrived at the cafe at 10:30 with an average of 18mph. After an excellent cafe stop we all gathered for a clup ride photo (click on image below), we then rode well back over Dunham bridge back home. An excellent ride of approx 70 miles and overall average of 18 mph. Rider of the week was given to Alan Bullock.


7th January 2018: It was a cold and icy day for the first planned ride for 2018, text messages were sent to see if we should venture out. Andy text to confirm that it would not be a club ride and that the roads on his estate were not good. As I arrived at the meeting point not many riders were there, Chris was sat in his Jeep but stated that he was not riding due to race committments. I was ready to cancel, but then club members started to turn up. Eventually we had ten riders keen to do a short ride on the main roads and therefore that was the decision. We road down "Wrights hill" and continued on the main road towards Retford. At Retford we turned towards Worksop and then the usually route back to Oldcoates, we stopped at the cafe at Oldcoates for a snack and coffee. After the 20 minute break we came out to acceptable weather and decided to ride out to Maltby and drop off Dave and Andy. We then rode towards Tickhill and returned back to the pavillion with 38 miles completed. An excellent ride for first ride of 2018 although short, Rider of the week was given to John Murphy.

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