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Next Ride 24th March - meeting point pavillion at normal 8:30am. 

17th March: As per the "whatsapp" sent out by Steve we had planned a ride to Haversage taking in many hills. We discussed at the pavillion the risk of high winds and heavy rain to the ride and concluded that we would assess along the route. The B group decided to ride to Edwinstow, only 5 riders in attendance for this Sunday. We set off against the strong winds towards Styruup, Oldcoates and then via Laughton to South Anston. At South Anston we met up with the Bakers (Gary and Andy), we then rode via Harthill to Spinkhill then taking a left towards Eckington. We then were approaching the steady climb at Marsh Lane but due to the high winds this seemed twice as steep. We then turned towards Coal Aston, Holmesfield and then the winds got stronger since more open, as we approached Owler Bar we pulled into the layby to discuss our options. We decided to forget the route to Haversage and take the left towards Hollingwood via Fox  lane and Cutthorpe. After several miles of improved riding with the wind mostly behind us we arrived at the cafe by the canal at Hollingwood, we had already completed 50 miles of hard riding. After an excellent cafe stop we set off via Barrow Hill, it was'nt riding long before we stopped due to Gary's chain broke, Andy assisted with his bike spares and we were back on the rode again. We then arrived at Eckington and rode a similar route back home. All rode well in the severe conditions, Andy awarded the cyclist of the week to Lewis & Mick who both rode over from Epworth and eventually achieved 100 miles for the day.


10th March: It was back to colder weather, only 1 degree for the 8 riders who met for the Sunday ride. We had pre-arranged to ride out to Bolsover meeting Dave at the King William at Oldcoates on route. Again only one ride since Pete and Mick came with the A team riders, we rode out through Firbeck, Dinnington and via South Anston to Spinkhill. We then rode to Bolsover via Stavely, as we approached Bolsover some riders decided to ride up the main rode rather than the steeper gradient of Castle Hill. Andy started the hill on the main rode but soon turned round and rode up Castle Hill since he knew Pete would give him stick at the cafe. We all enjoyed the cafe stop and then rode via Cuckney, Clumber Park back to Worksop. All rode well especially Steve Parker who was awarded rider of the week.


3rd March: We met at the usual meeting point and discussed the route for the day, eleven riders were in attendance and again we rode as one group. Andy had discussed a route to Lincoln previously with Pete so we decided to stick to this decision although the weather forecast was heavy winds and rain for 11am. We all rode together via Mattersey to Clayworth and up Strawberry hill, we then rode out towards Rampton and over the bridge at Dunham. As we crossed the bridge a slight rain fall started, Martyn talked us into turning towards Torksey and then calling at Gainsborough for the cafe stop. At Torksey we took a right to Sturton on Stow, at this stage Mel continued to Gainsborough since he had some pre-arranged agenda. The rest carried on towards Upton and then turned towards Gainsborough. A decision (Martyn's) was to stop at the Weatherspoons for the cafe stop, this was not the best cafe stop since the service was very slow and coffee machine broke - this cafe stop will not be used again. We then dropped Martyn off in Gainsborough and rode on the track back to Beckingham, as we rode towards Walkeringham some riders wanted to ride further and some were ready for home so we split at this point. The remaining four riders continued via East Stockwith to Graizelound, we then took the normal route via Misson back to Bawtry. We stopped at Bawtry and had a joint decision that the riders of the week were the four who continued on the ride - Andy Rodgers, Steve Parker, Dave Evans and John Owens. Well done all. Please note club meeting will be arranged for Tuesday 19th March.


24th February: As usual an excellent turn out for the Tom Simpson memorial ride by HDCC and all the surrounding clubs. Lights were required since the fog was very dense as we set off. We tried to stay together and ride as a club - this was difficult due to the huge amount of riders so we rode in several groups on the course with HDCC in front on most groups and helping other club riders. It was nice to see some club riders who do not attend on the regular Sunday rides i.e Matt Rodgers, John Murphy, Sean Ormerod etc. We all grouped together for the finish photo below with Barry Hoban. Well done to all especially those who added extra loops to the ride to achieve 100miles.




17th February:  All the forecasts stated it was going to be a fairly warm day so we had a good turn out of 14 riders at the pavillion. With no Pete (man flu) to captain the second riders we decided to all ride together to Edwinstow. We all rode at a steady pace on the usual route via Styruup and Firbeck, the wind got slightly stronger and colder as the ride progressed. Some of us decided it was warm enough to sit outside at the cafe, were we discussed the "Isle of Man" trip and many stated their interest (8 names so far).  We left the cafe and headed for clumber park and then continued the route through Worksop and back home. Excellent ride although slightly windy. Please note next weeks ride is the Tom Simpson ride.


10th February:  At last we had good weather for the Sunday ride. With no other riders for the B Group , Pete asked Andy if he could ride with the A team. So with permission granted we had one group of nine riders for the ride to New Millerdam, Martyn stated he could not ride for long and turned back at Balby. The other eight riders rode via Spotborough to Barnburgh, at the top of the hill - Mark joined us. We then rode via Hooton Pagnall to Clayton, Lee had a few mechanical issues with his back wheel which slowed him down, after the repair we were soon at Brierley and then ascending more hills to the cafe stop. Alan had to return for his birthday bash so he did not stop at cafe, the other seven enjoyed an excellent break. We had a short discussion about our 2019 trip to "Isle of Man" which is  now confirmed to be 14th June (Friday - Monday). We rode back by a similar route except at Clayton we took a left to Thurnscoe, we then turned towards Conisborough and up the hill eventually heading for Braithwell. At Edlington we took a right to Stainton and then took the route back to Styruup and home. A long hilly ride enjoyed by all.. Rider of the week was given to Phil Harrison.


3rd February: Again the weather was not ideal for cycling, with temperatures as low as -5 degrees at the start of the Sunday ride. With only 4 riders in attendance, it was stated at the pavillion that the temperature was far too low for a club ride. We agreed to stick to the main roads, riding via Ranskill to Retford then at the main roundabout we took a right past Randby prison and then continued on to Worksop. We then rode via Carlton to Oldcoates, stopping at the cafe near King William for a short break. We discussed over a coffee the preferred route back home and decided on riding out towards Maltby (dropping off Dave) then taking a right towards Tickhill. We then rode back to the pavillion. Overall a excellent ride although very cold.

27th January: The weather forecast was not good for cycling since strong winds were scheduled at 11am. Therefore a low turn out of only 6 riders were at the pavillion, already at 8:30am we had 25mph winds and 45mph were due later. We decided to have one ride since Pete was the only rider from the elite squad (formally known as group B). We decided to set off via Tickhill and ride towards Conisborough and assess the route further during the ride incase the winds got stronger. At the roundabout in Conisborough we took a left towards Old Denaby then progressed to Ravenfield, we then rode via Bramley to Slade Hooton. Martyn had to be back home so he left the ride and rode back to Gainsborough, the rest of the 5 riders did a loop round Hooton Levitt to take in some hill climbing training since the wind was not punishing us enough. We then rode down Bib Lane and then up the hill to Laughton church and stopping at the fishing lake cafe. This was an excellent cafe and worth a visit again, we decided at the cafe that the wind was not dangerous and decided to add a loop on rather than ride back home. The loop took us via Dinnington, South Anston, Thorpe Salvin , Shireoaks, Letwell and back to Oldcoates via Firbeck. We had a chat outside the King William before going on our seperate routes home, we all enjoyed the ride although difficult at times against the wind. 

20th January: The temperature was only slightly above freezing (0 degrees) so the turnout of 16 riders was excellent, 10 for the A ride and 6 for the B ride. Pete led the B riders out first for their ride to Southwell. The A riders decided on Askern and therefore set off towards Tickhill, we only reached Asda in Harworth when Lee stated he had a mechanical issue with his gears. It was a breakdown that could not be fixed so Lee put his bike back in the car and said he would meet up with us again near Askern. So with only 9 riders now we rode through Tickhill and took a slightly different route through Conisborough, we then rode via High Melton to Hooton Pagnell. This route took us on some hill climbs for the first 30 miles of the ride, then we dropped on to the normal route to Askern and met up with Lee at Campsall. We had an excellent cafe stop near the lake, in the cafe we decided to take a route home via Sykehouse and Moorends. After riding through Thorne we took a left and added a loop towards Sandtoft and then via Idle Bank and Misson back home. Rider of the week was difficult to choose since all rode well, eventually John selected Dave Evans. We completed 74 miles at an average speed of over 17mph.

13th January:  With the weather very windy the attendance was low with only 7 riders across both groups, we quickly decided to go out as one group and headed out against the wind to Bolsover. It was a slow pace against the wind plus some riders had mechanical issues with their bikes we delayed us reaching the cafe. As usual the cafe was perfect and we all enjoyed the shelter from the wind. We were blown most of the way home and Martyn and Andy did an excellent job leading at the front. Rider of the week was given to Martyn.

5th January: For the first ride of 2019 eighteen riders were at the starting point - 5 riders for Pete's ride to Rother Valley and 13 riders for the ride to Whisby. Andy added a few detours for the way out taking a right at Eaton and riding up the hill to Askham, we then took the normal route for the remainder of the ride to the nature reserve. The cafe stop was very good service and excellent value. Bob suggested that we go via Doddington and then take the track route back, we all agreed to this route change. Unfortunately Allistair and Martyn both got punctures on route and therefore this delayed the ride a couple of times. We still averaged 17mph for the 70 miles ride and the weather was quite pleasant for January. Rider of the week was given to Andy Pedley who rode well throughout the whole 70 miles.